Air Select

AIR Select

Odor Control

Manage and neutralize odors in restrooms, trash rooms, kitchens and living areas. AIR Select offers reliable odor control and a choice of fragrances, so you can create your preferred ambiance today and still decide to change it up tomorrow. With a wide selection of AIR Select products, our experts can build the right odor-control program for the comfort of your guests, tenants, patients or visitors.

  • Automated systems
  • In-commode odor control


Trash Liners and Bags

Get superior strength, consistent quality and exceptional value for all your waste-bagging applications. The Aspen line provides bags for every size, capacity and gauge you need, all manufactured for robust resilience against punctures, tearing and leakage. They’re packaged for convenience in space-saver cartons, and our “right sizing” program helps you minimize waste, reduce costs and promote sustainability.

  • High-density and low-density resin trash can liners
  • Specially blended trash bag compositions
  • A wide range of sizes and gauges
  • Biohazard waste bags
  • Recycling and laundry bags


Tissues and Towels

Image counts. When you want people to feel you’ve chosen the very best for them, Carlyle is your brand. Users feel pampered by Carlyle’s superior softness and comfort, while the coordinated decorator packaging enhances the feeling of luxury.

Choose Carlyle products for their stylish packaging, textured quilting with superior softness and absorbency, and exceptional quality that delivers guaranteed performance and value.

  • Bath tissue — Carlyle (standard roll) and Carlyle ProCore (small core) single-roll, two-ply premium bath tissue
  • Folded towels — Carlyle, Carlyle Plus and Carlyle Xtra (our softest and most absorbent towel)
  • Facial tissue — Available in both cube and flat box


Tissues and Towels

Our Classic bath tissue and towels offer dependable performance and superior value for high-use areas. They’re available in a broad selection of product sizes and dispensing options, all designed to help you manage usage, minimize waste, and enhance cleaning staff productivity. And Classic provides the softness, strength and absorbency your users expect at an affordable price.

  • Classic bath tissue — Standard and jumbo roll bath tissue in both two-ply and single-ply
  • Classic towels — A wide variety of options including multifold, single-fold and hardwound rolls
Eco Select

ECO Select

Mops and Pads

Made from recycled soda pop and water bottles, our ECO Select mops and pads help achieve your environmental and sustainability goals — and they perform under the toughest cleaning conditions. We manufacture ECO Select using water-based resins and 18 to 97 percent recycled material, with products delivered in space-saving, environmentally friendly packaging.

Reduce your carbon footprint without compromise. From manufacturing greases and soils to everyday traffic and abuse in retail, office, education, hospitality and healthcare facilities, ECO Select products are made to work and built to last.

  • Wet mops
  • Dust mops
  • Floor pads
  • Hand pads
Spectrum Select

Spectrum Select

Cleaning/Facility Programs

Choose our cost-effective Spectrum Select products and systems for all your facilities-maintenance needs. We offer versatile products for every application — cleaners, shampoos, soaps, odor control solutions and more — all formulated to meet the toughest maintenance requirements.

The Spectrum Select line includes rinse-free cleaning products, flexible packaging options for ease of use and portion control, environmentally responsible solutions, and complete systems with integrated training. We’re committed to delivering superior maintenance outcomes while helping you increase productivity and manage total costs.

  • Carpet care
  • Floor care
  • Hand care
  • Odor control
  • General cleaners
  • Facility maintenance supplies
  • Training

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