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It comes every year, as predictably as the sunrise. When you’re responsible for maintaining schools, restaurants, hotels, nursing homes or other facilities, the cleaning work you do has a direct bearing on the health of people who use those facilities—and on the economic health of the enterprise.

You already know that. And chances are, you stock up on cleaning products in anticipation of the season. In today’s self-service world, it’s easy to order what you think you’ll need directly from your usual suppliers. No doubt, you clean diligently and well using these products, with justified pride in your work. But as the next cold and flu season approaches, think about these questions.

Is the usual way really the right way?

Are the chemicals you ordered and the cleaning methods you use well suited to the particular bacteria and viruses you’re trying to kill, or the surfaces and environments you’re dealing with? Is your staff adequately trained in proper cleaning procedures? As cleaning professionals come into contact with pathogens, do they know how to protect themselves? Are there additional measures you can take, in addition to proper cleaning, to help prevent the spread of disease?

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In the process of addressing disease hazards, are you introducing other hazards?

Also, consider that the process of cleaning and disinfecting surfaces can itself be hazardous. Are you exposing staff to corrosive agents? Do they have the appropriate hand, eye, and other protection? Are you specifying cleaning products that release volatile organic compounds, leading to indoor air pollution that harms people with chemical sensitivities, asthma, or other conditions? Are you using hospital-grade disinfectants in a school environment, putting children at unnecessary risk of exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals?

hands under the sanitizer dispenser

Are you fighting germs while overlooking the vectors that could reintroduce those germs?

What about products to support proper hygiene and safety among facility employees and visitors? Do you have the appropriate hand-washing products available in restrooms? Can people dry their hands effectively without touching surfaces that could reinfect them? Are hand-sanitizer dispensers available in lobbies and other high-touch areas?

Do food-service areas provide plates, cups, utensils and condiments in a way that prevents users from touching more than the items they intend to use? Are employees using appropriate E2 and E3-rated soaps and sanitizers, as required by FDA for use in food-service environments? Do food handlers know when they should be washing hands, how to use gloves and other protective equipment properly, how to handle various types of foods and utensils safely?

Have you considered that perception matters?

Germs aren’t the only hazard to productivity and profitability. For example, it’s very unlikely for most people to contract disease through touching the floor. However, visibly unclean floors and other surfaces make visiting parents distrust the school environment they’re sending their kids to. Unclean floors and surfaces at a hotel lead to poor online reviews and lost business. Is your cleaning regimen doing all it can for the image, reputation and profitability of the enterprise?

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Do you have a supplier who can help you answer all these questions?

Back to the notion of self-service product ordering: Is that really the best idea? Effective cleaning and pathogen control is about more than products. It’s about answers you can trust. Answers that work.

North American is more than a supplier. We’re a partner—your team of expert consultants, dedicated to providing the answers you need and ensuring your success.

We can perform a walkthrough of your facilities to determine your specialized cleaning requirements, ensuring that you’re completely ready to protect your space. We teach you which products are ideal for each surface and most effective against each pathogen likely to be encountered in your environment in each season. We can train your staff in the most efficient and effective cleaning methods for your needs.

Plus, with our extensive network of supplier partners, we can provide all the products you require. That means whether you’re maintaining a hospital, school, workplace, or any other facility, you have the right cleaning chemicals, disinfectants, soaps and sanitizers for that environment—plus the right dispensers and cleaning tools to ensure proper use of each product.

Not only that, we can supply masks, eye protection, gloves, gowns, and other protective equipment that cleaning and food-service professionals need. Single-serve cup, plate, utensil, napkin, and condiment systems to prevent cross-contamination by cafeteria users. Washroom soaps and towels, hand sanitizer, and appropriate dispensers to promote good hand hygiene. And much more.

Whatever your needs—whether common or highly specialized—we fulfill them all, with just one point of contact, and at a lower price than you could through a self-service model. And with all the expertise, training, and support you need to enjoy peace of mind that you’re fully and properly prepared.

So that leaves just one more question:

With all of those advantages, why wouldn’t you go with North American?

Cold and flu season, back to school, or everyday cleaning—it’s always the right time to evaluate your facility needs. Call North American at 1-800-508-5830 or email us to schedule a walkthrough today.

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