Delivery driver, Betty NeeSmith, jumped into action when a customer fell off of a ramp and was seriously injured.

Without warning, an early morning delivery quickly turned into a medical emergency on Monday, July 26th in Vidalia, Georgia. Betty NeeSmith, a delivery driver for SEPG, our partner in Southeast, found herself taking on an unexpected role that day.

Betty was making a delivery to a longtime customer. The customer, who just returned to work after knee surgery, opened the door to the storage facility when she suddenly fell off the ramp. We later learned her femur was broken in two places, which medical experts say can be life-threatening in some cases.

In addition to dealing with extreme pain, the customer was visibly upset and scared. Betty immediately jumped into action. She called 911 and consoled the customer until the ambulance arrived. Thankfully, the customer was able to get the medical care she needed because of Betty’s quick response.

Following the accident, Betty’s team received numerous phone calls from the customer’s family and from her company expressing their appreciation.