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North American has a century of experience delivering the right products, at the right time, for the right price. In that time, we have continuously pushed ourselves to grow beyond our supply-chain expertise. Today’s North American is also your partner for strategy, planning, logistics, training, technology and much more. Explore all we can do for you.

Category Management

We can help you choose a suite of products that provides the best performance and return on investment for your needs. Our experts will reveal your true operational costs, show you how to eliminate unnecessary expenses, and help you purchase the products you need for less without sacrificing the quality you depend on.

  • Continuous evaluation of new products and suppliers for quality and value
  • Innovative approaches to efficient procurement and performance management
  • Supplier qualification, consolidation and purchasing leverage
  • SKU rationalization, cost-leakage control and corrective recommendations

Forecasting & Planning

Through data-based analysis of your actual usage trends, we can help you predict your indirect material needs on a weekly, monthly and seasonal basis. Ensure efficient inventory levels and timely ordering based on objective benchmarks, including forecasts of usage peaks and valleys.

  • Customized forecasting and planning based on historical usage and future projections
  • Alignment of production schedules and material orders to maximize uptime
  • Inventory level adjustments to meet seasonal variations and peak usage needs
  • Visibility into product availability and lead times to avoid shortages and costly rush orders

Order Management

Take informed control and expedite ordering of supplies with our advanced order management technologies. Find and procure the exact products you need, when you need them, using our easy online eCommerce ordering system, or else integrate your company’s existing systems with ours via EDI. You can also contact our customer service representatives directly, anytime.

  • Secure access to real-time inventory, ordering, order tracking and order history
  • Advanced search capabilities and product images for accurate ordering
  • Budgeting capabilities and order consolidation for cost-control
  • Custom workflow options for multi-level approval

Fulfillment & Distribution

Rely on our state-of-the-art distribution facilities and custom kitting capabilities to meet all your needs — even if you have multiple locations to keep supplied from coast to coast. We can build and deliver the exact packages you need: from routine, large-scale orders to one-off kits for special promotions and events.

  • Specialized kits, brand launches, large displays, pre-assembled janitorial carts, and more
  • Push and pull fulfillment, including merged orders to reduce freight costs
  • Multi-point quality inspections, real-time inventory reporting, monthly performance reporting
  • Transportation management system for lowest cost by carrier, cubic volume and weight
  • Targeted delivery to accommodate the schedule of every location, nationwide

Product Use, Service & Training

Get expert training to ensure that you’re choosing the best products for every application, and that your staff knows how to use them properly. Our industry-knowledgeable experts can also provide hands-on training in equipment use, and we offer in-house service and repair for all types of industrial cleaning and packaging equipment.

  • The right products always used the right way for maximum effectiveness and value
  • Adherence to best cleaning and maintenance practices despite language barriers and staff turnover
  • Support for sustainability, LEED certification, SKU rationalization and other key initiatives
  • Protection of your capital investments in buildings and equipment

Technology Solutions

Eliminate ineffective manual processes with automation technologies integrated across your supply chain. We continually invest in the most advanced software tools to ensure quality, efficiency and value.

  • Forecasting and planning for optimal stocking levels and fill rates
  • Order management through our eCommerce platform or integrated with your current systems via EDI
  • Distribution center management to ensure accuracy, productivity and real-time visibility of inventory
  • Logistics, with state-of-the-art route and transportation-mode optimization
  • Account management, including EDI and electronic invoicing across all our customer programs
  • Management reporting for the information you need to make better decisions

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Let’s work together to understand your unique challenges. To devise perfect-fit solutions. To help your people become more efficient and effective every day.